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Craft Death To Planet Earth Just A Stolen Kiss Doug Anthony All Stars Skinhead Sooty Creatures The Slipping Away le Pendule The Cure Just like heaven SUB EN ESPA OL Zao March Buzzcocks I Surrender Julio Iglesias Pobre Diablo The Bee Gees Woman In Love Souls Of Mischief A Name I Call Myself Rocio Jurado Voy A Recobrar Su Amor Reel Lift Me Up Grinspoon Freezer Vangelis Mare Tranquillitatis American Idol Someone Elses Star Eminem Live at The Concert for Valor 2014 Full P Zsa Zsa Padilla and Conrad Onglao TOGETHER AGAIN Oar Whose Chariot Waits Tom Hang On St Christopher The Ramones Go Mental